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The ORE Collection by Sheinfeld Rodriguez is an interface between raw nature and
technology, a contemporary expression of the elemental beauty of the natural world.

Innovative interpretation of the natural world
Sheinfeld Rodriguez is a contemporary design studio whose work combines the precision of leading-edge technology with nature’s organic expressions. Drawing inspiration from nature’s evolutionary system of design, we create intricate, wearable objects based on patterns and strategies inherently found in the natural world. Our work extends from our architecture and design background, and merges our contemporary design sensibilities with the latest in 3D-printing technology and materials. We generate our unusual designs using a process that incorporates computer simulation, digital fabrication, and traditional hand-tooled methods.
The creative potential of contradiction
The work of Sheinfeld Rodriguez explores juxtapositional subjects and the coherence of oppositional attributes. This theme is an interwoven constant throughout our work and our life. Being geographically isolated, yet simultaneously, virtually connected, plays an important role in the creative dynamics of the studio. Living in one of the most remote areas of the world, the Hawaiian Islands, has given rise to inventive interpretation that is in perpetual flux.
Modern jewelry from generative design
Our current work examines innovative approach to contemporary jewelry design. Our work is grounded in the investigation of elemental forms and the corresponding processes that construct the natural environments that surround us. Our process focuses on generative design methods, using both digital and analog tools to create distinct, wearable art pieces. We are continually exploring complex and unconventional geometries, from geological formations to fluid dynamics. The consideration and translation of natural occurrences is a key component of our design process.

Interconnections, commendations, and presentations
Sheinfeld Rodriguez collaborates with artists and designers around the globe, and has had the opportunity to co-create with originators in U.S., Europe, Middle East, Asia, and South America. The work of Sheinfeld Rodriguez has been granted the Silver A’ Design Award by the grand jury panel of the A’ Design Award & Competition of the International Design Academy, and has been exhibited in diverse locations including Hilo Museum of Contemporary Art, Hilo, Hawaii, Ka.Be. Gallery of Contemporary Art, Miami, Pratt institute, New York City, and Volume Gallery of Art, Berlin, Germany.

From concept to creation: modern technology meets ancient artistry
Our design process usually begins by hand sketching an idea engendered by an interaction with or within our surrounding landscapes. Through drawing and exploring the idea, our insight of the concept expands, assisting us to better visualize it as a piece of jewelry. Once we are satisfied with the initial objective, we outline the prospective manufacturing process from start to completion.
Following deliberation, a hand-sketch of the jewelry piece is virtually sculpted; the design is further refined using various digital applications, including coding, generative design, and CAD modeling programs. This generative design process allows for endless variation and customization, and also helps us to gain more understanding of possible forms and proportions for the eventual jewelry piece.
Once the virtual model of the design is completed, the prototype is 3D-printed in photopolymer resin. Working with the precision of 3D printing technology offers us the opportunity to create an intricate, detailed object that would otherwise be impossible to fabricate solely by hand. When we are satisfied with the fit and form of the first resin prototype, it is again 3D-printed in a castable photopolymer wax resin specifically designed for investment casting. This photopolymer wax model is used to create the master jewelry mold because during the process of creating the mold, the castable wax resin will burn out cleanly without ash or residue, while capturing the fine details of the piece. At this stage, the wax model is then sent to our family of generational bench jewelers in Bali to create a silver master mold by way of a time-honored wax casting process.
When the silver master mold is completed, the jewelry piece is finally cast in 925 Sterling silver or other noble metal, and then hand-finished with the use of traditional tools and techniques. We welcome little imperfections to the production of each piece as this is what gives the handmade quality and individual character to all of the gold and sterling silver earrings, rings and pendants.
Last, if the piece has been cast in Sterling silver, it is sent back to the U.S. to receive its final vermeil layer. The 24 karat gold and rose gold vermeil for our 925 Sterling Silver jewelry is completed in the U.S. to ensure the highest material quality and to meet the international and US Federal Code for Vermeil: 2.5 microns of gold over 925 sterling silver.  Each vermeil piece goes through an x-ray fluorescence testing process to verify the thickness of the gold, and all of our unique jewelry pieces are nickel-free.
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